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Provision of communications training and technical support in Somalia and Somaliland for the Expanding Access to Justice (EAJ) Program and its partner

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1. Background

EAJ is a five-year USAID funded justice program in the second year of its implementation. It is currently implementing in Somaliland, Benadir Regional Authority, and South West State. EAJ’s goal of achieving “Lasting improvements in access to justice and effective mechanisms to address grievances for stability in Somalia” is served by the following set of objectives:

· Objective 1: Supporting and improving inclusive community engagement in justice solutions

Here EAJ supports communities and justice actors (customary, statutory, and Shari’ah) in co-designing justice services that respond to each community’s needs, be they in areas newly recovered from al-Shabaab control, or those where more stability has been achieved and consequently where more justice services are available. So, for example, EAJ is supporting efforts by communities and justice actors in early recovered areas to cooperate to rebuild basic justice services. While in more stable areas, EAJ is supporting efforts to bring together the justice chain (including customary and Shari’ah actors) and communities to cooperate to improve existing justice services.

· Objective 2: Strengthening justice services

EAJ provides technical and funding support to legal aid organizations and justice actors to enable them to expand and improve the quality of their support (for instance legal aid, psychosocial and medico-legal) or redress services (adjudication and mediations services carried provided by statutory, customary and Shari’ah justice orders). Operational centers have been established by EAJ to provide it with the capacity to continually review and respond to both individual justice cases and the capacity needs of justice actors.

· Objective 3: Improving navigation of justice pathways by aggrieved parties

EAJ supports awareness-raising, advice, and medico-legal and psychosocial services to enable aggrieved parties to make better informed decisions on the justice options available to them and to support their assistance by legal aid organizations in navigating the justice pathways they take. Specific support is provided to organizations supporting vulnerable groups such as women, minority groups, and internally displaced persons.

In addition to funding to its justice actor partners through grants, EAJ provides them each with legal-technical and institutional strengthening training and support. The program employs a collaborative, learning and adaption (CLA) approach, which utilizes lessons from its research and practice to continually improve its efforts.**

  1. EAJ’s adaptive response to COVID-19 pandemic

In observing Somali and Somaliland government restrictions and aligning with Pact Inc. policy, EAJ has suspended all activities and support for partner work that requires in-person human contact. These restrictions significantly limit the range of activities that EAJ and its government and legal aid organization (LAO) partners can undertake and makes the use of telecommunications – the means to reach communities and clients without human contact – the program’s principal means of service delivery. EAJ therefore seeks to rapidly develop or use purposely designed communication tools to enable partners to undertake activities in support of awareness raising of rights, the law and available justice options and direct advice and documentary services to aggrieved parties seeking redress. Specific support will also be provided to partners in effective integration of COVID-19 response considerations related to justice messaging during the period of the pandemic and the development of constructive alternative justice messaging to counter those disseminated by al-Shabaab.

3. Communications support required

EAJ seeks to contract a communications company with significant Somali experience to provide remote high quality, practical training and technical support for EAJ and its partners in the use of broadcast, Internet media, and in the use or strengthening of justice-related phone-in services.

Training and support are to be provided for eleven LAOs, and two state justice institutions. Details of their specific needs and location are provided in Table on page 4.

4. Overall training and support for partners

Training and support are required to-

· Enable effective program management for each relevant media type (broadcast and Internet)

· Provide a practical understanding of the media landscape to assist in selecting media houses and social media types to transmit programs to the audiences and locations required

· Build partner capacity to produce compelling scripts and messaging to effectively reach audiences

· Enable the effective targeting of audiences through selection of types of programming, and relevant content for expansion of justice efforts

· Optimize interactive elements of media types used to directly address audience interests

· Enable the use of audience analytics to improve programming

· Enable integration of COVID-19 messaging and responsiveness

· Enable the development of constructive alternative justice narratives to those propagated by al-Shabaab

· Enable the effective reporting on the use and impact of media supported by EAJ,

· Enable the effective establishment and management of a justice assistance phone-in service

· Provide tools and templates to enable partners to manage, produce, monitor, and evaluate their media.

Table: Indicating current EAJ partners communication structures

To access this table email hkahara@pactworld.org

5. Overall training and support for EAJ

Provide the EAJ communications and program teams with training and support to:-

· Understand the Somaliland and Somali media landscape in relation to media houses their reach and attributes, as well as sectoral approaches to contracting, and the costs of broadcasting and related services

· Enable the effective management of the communications work of its partners,

· Understand approaches to crafting effective constructive counter justice narratives to al-Shabaab

· Use analytics to improve evaluations of the impact of media utilized under the program

· Specific training and support to enable EAJ staff to manage EAJ’s media work and to participate in partners’ media work

6. Deliverables

Provide EAJ with the following reports-

· An evaluation of each partners’ communications capacity, their use of it, and its impact that will direct tailored support for them

· A final evaluation report that evaluates progress made with each partner and recommends further steps and approaches in developing their capacity and programming

· Brief weekly and quarterly updates on progress in the capacity development of each partner and the impact of their media outputs

7. Methods and Tools

Due to COVID-19 restriction, EAJ encourages the following methods to complete the above-mentioned tasks and fulfil the purpose as defined by this scope of work:

· Desk review of the relevant documents

· Establish a user-friendly online and telecommunications system to facilitate partners’ engagement in training and information collection

· Consultative meetings/interview with relevant EAJ partners

· Provide online training’s and communication related advice to partners

· Online documentation

8. Contract information and company eligibility requirements

8.1. Contract duration: Six months with a possible extension.

8.2 Period of Performance: The assignment is desired to commence no more than 20 days from the date of the scope of work (SOW) advertisement. The period of performance of this subcontract is 6 months starting from the date the contract is signed.

8.3 After COVID restrictions: Should COVID-19 related restrictions be lifted or significantly eased, the company will be expected to provide training workshops in Hargeisa, Mogadishu, and Baidoa for EAJ partners. In such circumstances, EAJ and the company will discuss and revise the scope of work with associated costs.

8.4. Requirements for company

· Training experience and expertise in different online training methods, e.g. action learning, case-based learning, learning-by-doing

· Evidence of previous similar training conducted in Somaliland and Somalia

· At least 5 years’ experience of both the company and its experts in Somalia-based communication training design and in the generation of training materials in the areas of website development and management, print media, social media, radio, and television

· Experience working on media training and support for government and civil society in Somalia

· Evidence of knowledge of Strong ICT and communication training skills (written and oral)

· Experience in online learning techniques and in teaching online

· Provide details of the company’s assigned experts on media and communication (including Somali experts)

9. Procedure for submission of expression of interest

Submit the EOI and supporting documents to kenyahr@pactworld.org by 5pm on Friday 8th May 2020 quoting “EAJ Consultant” on the subject line.

The documents should include:

· Company Profile to include Curriculum Vitae of staff who will carry out the work (Maximum 3 pages)

· An application that includes a narrative plan and budget

· Samples of similar work done in Somalia or similar context

Only short-listed candidates/companies will be contacted with the request to present their proposal to the EAJ selection Committee.

How to apply

Submit the EOI and supporting documents to kenyahr@pactworld.org by 5pm on Friday 8th May 2020 quoting “EAJ Consultant” on the subject line.